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IP Addresses are the main attribute which a server checks before allowing the visitor to access the website. IP Address plays a significant role when it comes to identifying a user for sending or receiving data between server and visitor. It depends on ISP's whether they assign static IP (non-changing IP) to a user or dynamic IP (which keeps changing on re-connection). Whenever a user sends a request to a website, majority of the websites check the authenticity of the IP for security reasons, and these IP addresses are checked with anti-spam databases to prevent any spam on a website. There are above 160+ anti-spam databases available to check for spam IP Addresses, but we are only considering the fastest and most popular ones only. Our anti-spam checking service tells which anti-spam databases contain the given IP so that the user may know either their IP is a normal IP or a bad IP. You can enter any IP Address or a domain name to check the IP for spam. This tool checks the domain name with hostname to IP tools, and then it checks the real IP of a domain for spam. If the entered IP exists in spam database, it means that IP is suspected to be blocked by most websites before accessing them, and even on chat forums or websites which use reverse proxy cloud services like Cloudflare and Sucuri.

In addition to checking the IP address, this service also supports checking the email address in a blacklist. Just enter the domain of the email address to check the real IP of the domain in a blacklist. Example if your email address is, then enter in IP/domain field above.

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