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Check the size of a web page with SitesRun Webpage Size Checker Tool.

The Web page size checker fetches any URL you want and returns the total size in bytes, kilobytes and megabytes, formatted so you can easily see how big the page is.

How is the Size of a Webpage Determined?

Web page size as reported by the Web Page Size Checker tool is based on the size of the source code for the site. This includes the full HTML source code, but not attached files or external CSS. Files that are called separately within source code should be checked individually.

When you enter an URL, our tool fetches the full source code of a web page, and determines the size in kilobytes (KB) of the source code text. We then convert it into bytes and megabytes (MB) to give an idea of how hefty the web page is.

Does  Page Size Include Image Size?

No, the tool only calculates source code size. This tool does not check the size of embedded images, videos, or other content that might be displayed on the page.

Why Does   Page Size Matter?

The main reason that you would be concerned about web page size is for performance reasons, or for testing and website analysis. Generally on a modern broadband connection, the size of the source code is less important than the content of the page.

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