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This online Redirect Checker is a URL redirect tract, a highly sophisticated tool that enables users to keep track of the complete path of where a redirected URL drives. Redirection is basically the practice in which a single URL is forwarded to a different URL. The online redirect checker is the tool that is afterward utilized to scrutinize different URLs, reporting back on response code that is provided by each. This proficient tool is mostly utilized as a 100% free 301 redirect checker.

301 redirects are used to move the page URL permanently to another URL; in the same way, 302 redirects are utilized to do the same momentarily. When you own a large website, it is common to transform pafree ge URL over the time period. Mentioned below are a few of the causes for establishing redirects for a website URL:

  • You may modify URLs for better SEO
  • You need to change the content and therefore change the URL to adjust the keywords
  • You may be modifying the host platform which needs extension change. For instance, .html to no extension.
  • Redirect non-www and www versions of a website
  • Redirect sub-directory or sub-domain to another domain

Under all these situations, it is essential to setup 301 redirects so that popularity of outdated links is not provided up. Individuals clicking on old links will be redirected to your new URL repeatedly with the proper 301 redirect structure.

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