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Let’s face this:

You are unlikely to rank without high quality backlinks as this factor remains one of the top-ranking factors, and Google confirms that.

There was a time when SEOs were not concerned about the quality of the links pointing to their web pages. It was a game of quantity over quality. What really mattered was to create backlinks free and as many sites as possible. Quality wasn’t much part of the game back then. However, since 2012, after Google’s rollout of Penguin update, the rules of SEO changed and so did link building. Penguin’s purpose was to take down websites with low quality, spammy links.

At SitesRun, we understand the importance to create quality backlinks while complying Google’s guidelines. That is why we have developed a Free Backlink Generator tool that will make free backlinks for you as it can be a great source of organic traffic.


Link building is dead? Who said that?! It is certainly not!

Every now and then, things stir up with Google, and we get to hear a lot about its updates and ranking factors. Most of which are, of course, not entirely accurate. One thing that we know for sure is that search engines especially Google is awfully secretive when it comes to revealing details about its algorithms. As of recently, there were anecdotes about link building becoming an outdated and obsolete strategic measure in SEO. Most of us believed so, but guess what? SEO link building is still alive and quite relevant as it was years ago and our backlink generator is making it easier to make free website backlinks.

Let’s demystify some of the reasons why this isn’t true:

High PR Profile Creation Sites/Authority Building

Even today one of the most critical practices in SEO is creating and earning backlinks. Your links help hints Google about the relevance, effectiveness, and quality of your website. Although one thing has changed over the years, Google has mastered the skills of recognizing spammy links. So, if you don’t want your site to be tossed to the last pages of SERPs and meet its untimely demise, then stick to natural free backlinks. Keep a check on your backlinks using link tracker because Quality is the key!

Use the Power of Social Media

Although there have been claims from Google that search engines don’t take ‘signals’ from social media, you can still get the most out of your social likes and shares. Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, they all play a crucial role in content distribution and social engagement, which in turn helps boost your rankings.

Just a tip: Get the OG tags using open graph tag generator, a smart technique for a quick boost.

Escalate Your Visibility

Nothing increases the reach and trustworthiness of your site as natural and organic backlinks, From Google’s perspective, links pointing to your site means others are putting their trust in you, they are vouching for the quality, relevance, and reliability of your content. This signals search engines that site is reliable and a visit to your site will benefit your target audience. And this is the thing that free & quality backlink maker has brought for you.

Ask yourself a simple question: Which website would you visit? One with high authority, high pr profile, more social likes and shares, and higher online visibility or the one with low authority, no social engagement, and visibility?

There you go… You have your answer!


It’s simple:

Creating backlinks from other sites vouch for your popularity. They signal Google that the content available on your page is valuable, credible, and worth linking to. After all, if another website is citing your web page and is willing to redirect its audience to your site, then you must be offering something valuable. So, the more link will point to your site the more trustworthy you will appear in the eyes of search engines.

Just a tip: Analyse your site deeply. Broken link checker is a quick way to have a deep insight into the broken links.

Unfortunately, we are still not fully aware of the specifics on how Google measures the credibility of websites, but we know that it aims to provide valuable and relevant information to people, so if the content on your site has numerous backlinks, Google will take it as a hint to show it in its search results. This is why Google cares so much about your link building profile!

Let’s be honest: You need link builder or link generator to success online, even in 2020.


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